Users of Web Applications face rising costs:

  • Every site requires a new password and profile,
  • User Interfaces differ for each site,
  • Data from one application rarely works with another,
  • Each site requires us to accept lengthy terms and conditions.

Since each person and organisation ends up choosing different apps, the complexity and cost grows exponentially as people try to come together to co-operate on projects that build on past data.


We envision a web where we can use applications tailor-made for each of us. These applications will navigate linked data seamlessly across organisational boundaries. They will allow us to choose where to host our information, with whom we share it, and how we identify ourselves. This will create a distributed social web which will foster innovative ideas, help transform them into projects and allow us to share resources securely.


Our stack takes a completely new approach: the web is the database and data is a web of relations. Apps using our libraries can follow relations through the web of data and write to any Social Linked Data server (SoLiD) if allowed. As a result designers will be able to write applications providing a consistent human interface for people needing to co-operate within and across organisations, each application tailored for the person viewing the data.